Asta vine via Bogdan si via Slashdot.

“Security researcher Alex Ionescu claims to have successfully bypassed the much discussed DRM protection in Windows Vista, called ‘Protected Media Path’ (PMP), which is designed to seriously degrade the playback quality of any video and audio running on systems with hardware components not explicitly approved by Microsoft. The bypass of the DRM protection was in turn performed by breaking the Driver Signing / PatchGuard protection in the new operating system. Alex is now quite nervous about what an army of lawyers backed by draconian copyright laws could do to him if he released the details, but he claims to be currently looking into the details of safely releasing his details about this at the moment though.”

Alex Ionescu este unul din cei care lucreaza la ReactOS, un sistem de operare free open source compatibil cu Windows XP. Desi inca e in faza beta urmaresc proiectul de ceva vreme.