Mă jucam zilele astea King’s Bounty : The Legend și deși pare mai girl-ish așa e chiar interesant și haios pe alocuri. Dar cea mai haioasă fază din joc e partea în care poți să te însori, să faci copii și să divorțezi. Partea proastă e asta (citez de pe wikipedia că e excelent formulat) :

The player’s character can be married, and there are several different marriage opportunities in the game. After this occurs, the character’s wife follows him everywhere. A wife provides bonuses to a character’s primary stats and/or a combat bonus to some types of units. Additionally, each wife offers four additional slots for equipment and artifacts, allowing the character to use more of them at once. The types of slots for weapons, armor, rings, cloaks, and so on are different for each wife.

Lastly, the character and his wife can have children. Each child will permanently occupy one of the wife’s slots, but will also provide a bonus. Bonuses are pre-defined for each child, but which children will be born is random. If divorced, a wife will leave with the children, a percentage of the character’s gold, and any equipment or artifacts she was wearing.

Eh, nu-i așa că-i ca-n viață ?