După o lungă pauză revin cu un nou comentariu din seria “Best Slashdot comments”. De data asta legat de anunțul directorului NSA, Keith Alexander, care spune că va concedia 90% dintre sysadminii din NSA și va muta serviciile în “cloud” (băi, a ajuns să sune magic cloud-ul ăsta dacă-l folosește și NSA-ul… ).

Dear de facto Dictator for Life Putin,
May I suggest you hang out a big “Welcome former NSA sysadmins” sign on your country. Tell ’em the weather is cold but the girls are hot (and something for the women sysadmins too – we Yanks frown on sexism). Your country may be a sewer due to its government, but as an American I’d be very grateful for anything you can do to help expose the use of our Constitution as toilet paper.


Customs Agent: “The purpose for your flight to Moscow?” NSA Employee: “Vacation.”