Buh-bye Uptime-project

În urmă cu 2 zile m-au anunțat că cele 2 conturi ale mele au devenit inactive (reinstalasem masinile si n-am mai pus clientii). Acum mă anunță că opresc proiectul definitiv. Well, păcat, eram curios să văd uptime-uri cu Vista.

Dear Uptime-Community,

After the last very successful 5 years with about 1.7 million data records and more than 20000 active users, we would like to say “thank you” to everyone who helped the project grow to what it is right now.

+++ We are very sad to say it, but we decided to close down the Uptime-Project on the 1st of March 2007. +++

Surely this wasn’t an easy decision because of all the time we invested in the project but we don’t have enough time to keep the site alive. Another problem is, and always was, the increasing costs for servers and traffic. (Thanks to our sponsors!)

Please shut down all the uptime-clients you’re running because we can’t keep the domain name forever and we don’t want somebody to get his hands on the user data the clients are sending.

Why don’t we give away the project for free and let somebody else run it?
That question is easy to answer. With more than 20000 users, there is a lot of user data in our database (for example the email-addresses). We don’t want somebody to get his hands on this data to maintain the user.s privacy.

Again, thank your very much for competing in the Uptime-Project!
Sincerely the Uptime-Project staff

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