Via Slashdot am aflat de noua linie de servere rackmount de la Cisco. Se cheamă C-Series și vin să completeze seria B de blade servers în conceptul Cisco Unified Computing System.

After shaking up the market for blade servers, Cisco Systems (CSCO) is launching a line of rackmount servers to extend its Unified Computing System, the company said today. The Cisco “C Series” will offer both 1U and 2U servers with extended memory capabilities built atop the Intel Xeon 55000 processor. The new products offers an entry point to the lower adapter and cable footprint enabled by the Unified Computing System (UCS) for companies who’ve built their data centers using rackmount servers instead of blades.

The announcement proted questions about whether Cisco, with its reputation for premium pricing, will be a meaningful player in the price-sensitive “volume” server market. But Cisco says its ambitions are more targeted than a full-scale “all your racks are belong to us” assault on the commodity server market. Cisco executives said it sees its rackmount line as offer a choice of form factors to customers interested in the broader UCS system.

de AICI.